The signs of Sattvic nature are: In child hood i have read ramayan, shiv puran, bhagwat gita, few parts of bhagwat puran. We are no more associated with ISKCON. At this moment it is believed that Ashwatthaamaa appeared before Naranappa and he was in tears " remembering his friend Duryodhan and the A-Dhaarmik (unjustified) way in which Bheem defeated Duryodhan. But my curiosity regarding the ‘Bhila’ was so overpowering, that I also got up from my place and began to follow him. They did so to fool people that whatever decision they take, whether they are anti-nature or anti-people, they are forced to make under pressure of secret societies, aliens and Rothschild. No technological device however advance it may be can trace him. The first episode of Mahabharat TV series was premiered on September … This encounter with Ashwathama was written in the auto biography of Vasudevanand Saraswathi (Tembe Swami Maharaj). Please let me know if i could help you in your this mission. Never dare to shed the truth, the god had lighted up inside you, on birth in this earth. and whenever the need has arisen Ishwar has also assumed human forms . Yes Aswathama will finally get forgiveness for his sins after finishing his punishment. The noises were meant as a signal to invite the attention of their kins. I think it’s true… I believe in past story Asvasthama ;is still there. One must never kill innocent, non-aggressive animals and fetus. So comprehending Hindi would very easy for Aswathama too, while Hindi has most of the terms adopted from Sanskrit. The New Yor­ker was an exceptional critic of photography too, springing from her collodion romance that gave each picture a cerebral and surreal tone. At the end of Kali Yuga, Ashwathama is to meet Sri Kalki, the tenth avatar of Lord Vishnu. When they almost reached the end of the forest, the strange man who helped the Swami said, “We are close to the town. Ashwathama News Pictures, Image Galleries on News18 Hindi. Thyagarajans friends on. With the blessings of Sree Krishn Ji, one day we will definitely would like to stretch the search and meet Aswathama Ji. Aswathama is the lone survivor still living, who actually fought in the kurukshetra war. This is the farthest I can come. Asirgarh Fort History. Should fix a night vision camera at the entrance to the temple such that it can capture the picture of ASWTMA. 1) Islam and christianity are based on the principles of founders and his biased disciples (who never asked questions about the reason to found the cult). He is also few of the Chiranjeevis who had seen and met Lord Krishna personally. Mother Bhakti and father Dharm were on their way back from Vrindaavan where Shree Krishn proclaimed to them that there troubles in Chapaiyaa (village close to the banks of Sarayoo) would soon end after He himself would be born to them. [ Read Mysteries Revealed: In Indian Subcontinent, How Non-Hindus from mere 1500 In 9th Century Became 55 Crores by 2015 ]. Without badness (anti-Vedicism), you cannot know the power of Goodness (Vedic principles) so cults do the balancing act. most of the Mahabharata rishies ashrams are in Kullu district of Himachal pradesh state on the remote mountains,few are accessible. And How many years will he(vishnu) took to appear as Kalki? Muslim Sai Baba is Not God, FRAUD EXPOSED! His resources were limited. Are you a ghost? See more of ASHWATHAMA-The Eternals on Facebook . The two faced each other, each ready to fire the most potent of all missiles. We need to educate our next generation about Vedic ethos and great Sanatan sanskar. If you want to be part of expedition then please read further. Yes, you will never see original or real photo of Ashwathama as he flies off in thin air whenever he comes to pray in the temples of Ashirgarh or any other forts. Bhishma entrusted on Krishna this responsibility of finding the next heir of Sathyavati's family and to continue the lineage of the Pandavas. Mahabharat TV Serial All Characters Real Names with Photographs information and details has been provided here. Haribhakta ji , Iam also like u.firm supporter of sanatan dharma and devotee ofsupreme personality ofgodhead sri krishna. It is said in Srimad Bhagawatham that as the Kaliyug becomes older, there will be more of crimes and unethical activity in the earth. Our first reaction was to run away. None of them seem human to me. Good idea but mai ye kehna chahu ga ki kudrat ke bhi kuch nium hote ha u shud follow them quit the idea of finding him coz vo bohot selected logo ko hi dikha ha sab ko nai…. Before departing he uttered these words – you go ahead with your journey now. 3000 years since Mahabharata is now long passed, and I am sure, Ashwatthaamaa is there somewhere in the Himaalaya, performing Tapasyaa. When Pahari Baba looked at me inquiringly I told him about Avdhoot Baba and how he had made use of Dharmanand’s body. Ashwathama starring Naga Shaurya and Mehreen Kaur Pirzada in lead roles released today and unfortunately, it has been leaked online by Tamilrockers within few hours of its release. he got curse it just happening and no one can change happenings. He also put a condition that he should not disclose this secret to anyone failing which the flow would stop forever. I stongly belive that through mediation & our sub conscious mind we can go into our past life and we can get a more knowledge of our ancient history. Please spread and share the post with your friends and well-wishers. Later someone might have added up from Vyaas’ MahaBharat, but our Kumara Vyaas’s MahaBharata ended only with Gadaa Parv. The tribals always looted the piligrims who happened to travel via the forests. [ Read PrithviRaj Chauhan A Brave Hindu King, Last Vedic Ruler ]. and when he removed the Pagadee from his head, there was a dent on the forehead. Mahabharat is an epic Indian television series based on the ancient Sanskrit epic of the same name.The original airing consisted of a total of ninety-four episodes and were broadcast from 2 October 1988 to 24 June 1990 on Doordarshan. It was the night of the eighteenth day of the war and he was sitting beneath a tree, plotting the slaying of the Paandavas when a strange sight met his eyes. So the shaapam which he is keeping on and years later when it will come to end god perhaps at the next incarnation will give moksham to him ending all the sorrow he is suffering. or. Is ashwathama still alive and how? When in 1192, Prithveeraaj Chauhaan lost the battle out of betrayal he left for the jungle. My Hindu brother, having mastery on Sanskrit can make you acquaint other languages very well. So, Ashwatthama was asked to surrender this gem. With Nawazuddin Siddiqui, Saif Ali Khan, Elnaaz Norouzi, Kubbra Sait. Manage this note, now to withdraw brahmashirastra but he. The great Bhila gestured to the crowd to stop and then gathered me affectionately in his arms. Required fields are marked *. Just a second can anyone tell me why: 1) Shri Hanuman has been kept Chiranjeevi 2) Do anyone is aware of his powers that the devagan’s including Vishnuji, Shivji, Yamrajji and so on had given him. With this the Brahmin spoke with anger in his voice “Krishna my arch enemy? Why Cow Sacred in India? Dharmdev further explained the whole incident as well as telling him how they had a revelation from Lord Krishn and Shreemati Raadhaaraanee in Vrindaavan. And why is ashwathama afraid of coming in front of the world? With my readers, I, Pilot Baba, wish to share my rich experiences, so that they may also redesign the structure of life. Killing of human fetus is heinous crime according to Vedas, imagine what will happen with people who abort their child without considering their ancient belief system. it’s confusing. The Swami keenly observed his physique and characteristics which were very peculiar. All the ally kings were dead and Duryodhana was the only one of the hundred brothers still alive, if only barely. I would really like to meet,’ashwathama’ if really he’d exist i would like to learn life concept and cycles from him how after death man can live and is it true that there is swarg and hell and that how he can be unaware of modern human form i am non vegetarian but for this quest and learing i can really leave non veg i will not wear leather i am excited ! Very nyc article….great to know dat ashwathama is still alive….want to meet him….so please keep me updated with all your findings…. Why are we so inclined to asking questions on Puranic literature and Vedas, when they are time immortal and their teachings can change for the betterment of world and society. Some people of have seen him. Some of the tribals spotted us and began to make strange noises. Moreover, anti-religions which are formed by reversing Vedic rituals are proponents of Demonic rites. Gem (Mani) on the forehead of Ashwathama. Please also give your valuable suggestions on more relevant topics which will help us spread awareness about our legacy and history of Hinduism along with Vedic wisdom. Ashwathama, however, could not obey. Jai mata di sir .Thanks for reply .all the misconecptions are clear hinduism om is the only supreme power..may lord shiva bless our country..keep updating i love ur website. Signed: Asvatthama, now known by another name. After the death of Dushasan, Ashvatthama tried hard to convince Duryodhan that he make peace with the Pandavas, for the sake of Hastinapur dynasty but he refused. Mahadev had entered his body. He said, ” Kapil: I am Acharya Dronacharya’s son Ashwathama. As this was just over 200 odd years ago. But something held us back. Lord Sri Krishna further states that "the wound caused by the removal of this gem on his forehead will never heal and will suffer from leprosy, till the end of Kaliyuga". If you worship Lord Krishna, then you can think of changing your Prarabdh to good one. So your comment can be partially agreed to, either way you are free to put forth your views. Bermuda Triangle SECRET, Hanuman Created Bermuda Triangle, How HariBhakt Lakhandas Got Darshan of Bhagwan Krishna, PROVEN FACT! all languages flow out of it. Love Rape Jihad: Facts, Truth, Reality, Case Proofs – Is Killing Love Jihadi Muslims The Only Solution Since The Problem Is Deep Rooted? A small drop in the ocean of efforts to spread history, knowledge, bravery and facts about Hinduism and Bharat. Kalki avatar of Shree Vishnu (Shree Krishn) will give him solace, protection and blessing from distress, pain he is going through today. Inspect your mind, dont you want to stop or try to stop this. Om namah shivay . Be a Proud Sanatan Dharmi. Aswathama already met several people. Bhishma entrusted on Krishna this responsibility of finding the next heir of Sathyavati’s family and to continue the lineage of the Pandavas. He was born after his parents performed intense penance to please Lord Shiva. It is highly possible. Dharmdev explained that they were a Sarvariyaa Saam Vedee Braahman and his Kuldev was Hanumaan Jee and up on Hanumaan Jee's advice at Hanumaan Garhee -Ayodhyaa (where Dharmdev did Tapascharyaa for 3 months) they went to Vrindaavan. Due to ambiguity of english language, Ashwathama is spelled differently. Proofs, Evidences Krishna is SUPREME GOD, Vedic Soul: Vedas “We are Eternal as God, Never Die”, ॐDevotees Met Hanumanji: Darshan, Experience Shared Here, HariBhakt Bhagwan Shiv Saves Universe and Loves All HariBhakts, FACT: Old Lady Saw, Met Bhagwan Krishna Personally, World’s Oldest City Dwarka, Yadav Clan Destruction & Lessons, Curses Changed Life of Hindu Leaders / Kings of Bharat (India), Vedic Hindu Science: Universe, Sun, Moon, Their Cosmic Arrangement, World’s Ancient Unique Festival & Tradition Celebrated in India, Hanuman Dhara, Chitrakoot – Waterfall Source Unknown, Hanuman Chalisa to Kill Evil Spirits, Negative Energies in Hindi/Marathi/Tamil/Bengali/Punjabi/Telugu/Kannada/Gujarati/Nepali, Dirty Truth of Babri Structure – Symbol of Babur’s Male Lover, Gangster Cult Islam is Evil: Curse on Humanity, Terrorism Giver. Madras Bhavan,Kalbadevi. Abrar Qazi Age, Family, Girlfriend, Biography & More Though we cannot deny or prove whether pilot baba really met Aswathama or not. May you never receive love or affection ever in your life unto the end of Time.” Saying so, he demanded the gem on Ashwathama’s forehead that protected the bearer from disease. And, through human being only, one could spread the light of truth inside. Naranappa responded saying he would like to write the Mahaabhaarat in Kannada as it happened. Social Club . The mighty Truth. That’s exactly what I’m saying we need to protect India first by been patriotic as other countries are protecting them. In contrast, all the five Paandavas were alive. Since then I have been living on the face of the earth. Update to this old article and expedition: No one can meet him. we should find him. to the viewer. leagl permission ..and how are you going to chose candidates ?man that fort is deserted and holds much which can not be seen by eyes only…when night falls it gives you shivers just to look at it will chill the very heart and soul of people who are weak hearted…we were driven out around 10 pm and even the police were scared…i wont forget the bashing we got there for entering in government property without permission…they never allow any such expedition there whatever the reason is…and before me my dad had tried same thing with same fate in year 1974 he was also student following m.d.ayurveda at banaras hindu university..only in my case it was police his case they were the temple pujari and local people ..please tell me that things have changed now and you have proper legal permissions and i will provide you 5 people who wont turn back even if the darkest corners of fort come alive by bhanamatis magic.. (Do not share email to negate SPAM). They said that he comes in the temple of lord shiva to burn a joat. it is really astonishing ……. If ashwakthama or this type of character is really alive then y only India. Aswasthama jinda hain aur its 100% sure. Thanks for the great information, Suryajith Ji, thanks for your appreciation. he has to come to recognised the prsent and say the actual story of mahabharta!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oldest man ever living in our earth. A mysterious phone call from an anonymous man leads police officer Sartaj Singh on a chase around Mumbai in a dangerous cat-and-mouse game. Do you know where these strengths coming from. We believe in all 33 koti deities. Since he is a Sage and Rishi he will be taking Tapasya somewhere. Yes we all here share the same feelings. People with little or no knowledge or education believe that things beyond their understanding are superstition. So, Ashwatthama was asked to surrender this gem. Thank you very much for sharing this wonderful post.I pray bhagwan krishna that your expedition to meet ashwathaama should be very much successful.Thank you once again for spreading this to young people so that they get the belief in our great epic. Longest Living Immortal Trees of Heaven Still Exists on Earth! Astronomy, Cosmology Science is Based on Vedas, Vedic Hindu Texts, Samhitas Written Thousands of Years Ago, History of Islamic Terrorism (Mughal Terror): Atrocity, Cruelty, Violence of Muslim Invaders, Kaaba Temple and Roots to Mahabharat Kauravas (Kuru Dynasty, Kurayshis), Divine Act Witnessed By Crores of Hindus: Milk Miracle of 1995, ॐ Scientific Mysteries of Hindu Beliefs with Amazing Facts ॐ, Real Life Experiences with Bhagwan Krishna By HariPriya, Mind Blowing Amazing Facts on Sanskrit, Interesting Article on Sanskrit, Tanot Goddess Protecting Border and Soldiers of India, AMAZING! May Bhagwan Krishn Bless us All, Jai Shri Krishn, Your email address will not be published. C 116 400002 Godiji Bldg No.,Kika Street,,Marine Lines. But before leaving he told me to throw the snakes body in the water since it was no longer useful to him, I did as I was told. Christianity and islam are purely cults. I would like to join you if possible, when is your next expedition? Today, I am totally immersed in Shiva’s Aradhana and do not bother about anything else’. Photos. C 115 400002 East Bay View Tower,M B Velkar Street,,Chirabazar. The guy (pilot babu) who stayed with ashwathama for 6 months, why didnt he click a picture of ashwathama? We are changeless. he is not immortal right? Please reveal your identity : I want to know whether my guess regarding your identity is right or wrong. To this Ashwatthaamaa agreed under two conditions. Diploma thesis, UIN Sunan Gunung Djati Bandung. First of all we should recollect the facts which are found in the Mahabharata. since the biginning of inception of hinduism there had been always threat to this existence in the form of various powers. If you put CCTV camera, how we know he is aswathama, because he is like ordinary man covering his head with cloth and one when we can talk to him by personally identifying we come to know. He plucked a blade of grass and uttered the Vedic incantations required to transform it to a Brahmaastra. Lord Krishna then placed a curse on Ashwatthama(actually it was his Prarabdha karma) that “he will carry the burden of all people’s sins on his shoulders and will roam alone like a ghost without getting any love and courtesy till the end of Kaliyuga; He will have neither any hospitality nor any accommodation; He will be in total isolation from mankind and society; His body will suffer from a host of incurable diseases forming sores and ulcers that would never heal”. If i get a chance to meet Ashwathama really i want to know about Mahabarath and about Karna.. Really it wow thing, I am feeling like meeting him…Really want to see how he is and want is his feeling’s now.And if possible Will get some more information about the weapons and technology of that time. ASHWATHAMA PHOTO P photos this shivlanga by dhruv. Thus, Ashwatthama will be in search of death every moment, and yet he will never die. One afternoon, while we were basking in the sun, Avadhoot Baba spotted the floating corpse of Dharmanand. You are right that Kaliyuga is only 5000 years old and we have still another 4,27,000 years for this to end. There are interesting tales and myths about the river ‘Narmada’, which have enhanced its religious importance. Mughal Terror, सत्य वचन: धर्म एव हतो हन्ति धर्मो रक्षति रक्षितः । तस्माद्धर्मो न हन्तव्यो मा नो धर्मो हतोऽवधीत् | भावार्थ: धर्म का लोप कर देने से वह लोप करने वालों का नाश कर देता है और रक्षित किया हुआ धर्म, रक्षक की रक्षा करता है। इसलिए धर्म का हनन कभी नहीं करना चाहिए, जिससे नष्ट हुआ धर्म कभी हमको न समाप्त कर दे। । Meaning: Immortal Truth- Sanatan Hindu Dharma annihilates the abuser and destroyer and protects the one who protects Sanatan Hindu Dharma. Ashwathama photos on News18 India. He was born with a gem (mani) on his forehead which makes him powerful than all the living beings lower than humans. If he can live 5000 years he must b having great powers too. Staying on rediff news photos album. We were at one point in life. and my dad's uncle said - "I think I know who you are but still let me get my stuff." Thanks a lot for sharing the brief with your brothers and sisters. With the curse of Lord Krishna when a human being, Ashwathama, can remain alive through out Kaliyuga so him being facing disease and pain (leaking head) all through to abide by the curse is not shocking or miraculous. Mahabharat is the most popular TV serial in India which is being produced on Star Plus. But in reality, it is collective decision of US and its allies, wherein they compose world policies impacting developing countries, to suit their interests. The tribals looked after us with a rare devotion. All the noise and confusion could not deter us, and we continued to march ahead. – Meticulous observance of Dharma conducts viz: Man’s life is the crowning glory of the entire ‘creation’. Wall papers screensavers. Human life is that result of good sanskaras. This is an old post, was revived recently by adding couple of new images. There are many firsts which US did but later asked the world to stop it. One day the ‘great man’ blessed us, bade us farewell and disappeared. No one can escape prarabdh (fate/destiny: which is resultant of past/present karmas and deeds). Ashwatthaamaa said – “You can keep writing till such time your Veshti is wet and the MahaBharata would flow from your pen as it happened. Keep it lifetime free by sharing all our articles in social media sites. Why have. Weren’t their modesty outraged. I think this is foolishness finding him. The Mahabharata is an ancient Indian epic where the main story revolves around two branches of a family - the Pandavas and Kauravas - who, in the Kurukshetra War, battle for the throne of Hastinapura. REVEALED. In the morning they either looted unsuspecting passengers or hunted animals. Its like extension of Hemophilia disease. everything about ashwatama living among tribals seems right except vidura visiting his place. [ Read Stunning Fact: Mount Kailash, Abode of Lord Shiva Is Indeed Made by Gods ]. He is an interesting guy, he just got his visa and moved here. May Lord Krishn Bless All Devout Hindus, Lalit Kumar HariBhakt, Jai Mata Di Dear Sir my name is Prabhjeet Singh i am sikh by religion but since i raised in UP i know more about Hinduism rather then Sikhism. Instead of slithering away it came to us with a threatening speed and threw us out of gear. Having great knowledge about Ayurved, Prithveeraaj Chauhan confidently told him that he can cure his scar. Kailash | Jai shri ram,jai radhe krishan!! Kripa and ashwatama are surely among the seven immortals but vidura…. We have seen several conspiracy theorists ego-boasting themselves about knowledge on likes of Rothschild controlling the world. In late 14th, early 15th century there lived in Gadag, Karnaatak, a poor Braahman called Naranappa. But one thing is true that Aswathama cannot come out in open to feel sympathy or respect from the public at large as doing so would negate one of the premises of the curse he is going through presently.